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Auto Transportation Q And A

Yes, you can pay the carrier directly at delivery. Please inform us before your vehicle is assigned to a carrier so we can facilitate this arrangement. Note that the broker fee is still due at pickup. You will need to coordinate the carrier’s payment directly with the carrier.

As your transportation coordinator, we prioritize your vehicle's safety and ensure that the carrier possesses adequate insurance coverage for your vehicle during transit. We obtain a Certificate of Insurance with East Coast Auto Broker listed as the certificate holder, providing you with assurance that your vehicle is protected while in the care of the carrier.

Yes, there are no surcharge fee when paying through Zelle to (443-580-0528 - East Coast Auto Broker). Please include your invoice number when making a payment. A receipt will be sent to you via email or text.

Your invoice is due once your vehicle has been confirmed as picked up by the carrier.

You will be notified via email or text, which will include a link to the pickup inspection details.

We do not recommend transporting additional items with your vehicle as they may pose a risk during transit.

We advise against placing additional items inside your car during transport to ensure the safety and timely arrival of your vehicle.

Once assigned, the carrier will contact you 24-48 hours prior to the estimated pickup time to discuss details.

Yes, carriers usually manage to navigate residential areas. However, if your location has restrictions like narrow roads or low hanging branches, please inform us in advance so we can notify the carrier. Alternatively, plan to meet the carrier at a nearby accessible location.

If you cannot be present, another adult can meet the carrier on your behalf. Alternatively, you can leave your keys in a secure location and inform us where the carrier can find them.

Covers are not permitted on open trailers to prevent damage from flapping materials. For added protection, you might consider requesting an enclosed carrier.

Yes, you are welcome to place a tracking device in your vehicle.

Instruct the carrier to contact us, the broker, directly.

Yes, please inform us if your vehicle is not drivable. Some carriers need specialized equipment like a winch to load such vehicles, which not all have.