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At East Coast Auto Broker LLC, we're not just auto transport brokers; we're your dedicated logistics partners. Experience the difference with our comprehensive dispatch services tailored exclusively for auto dealers like you.

Why Choose Us?
  • Lightning-Fast Dispatch: We pride ourselves on swift and reliable vehicle dispatch. Say goodbye to delays and hello to efficient operations. We focus on vehicle shipments while you focus on buying and selling vehicles.
  • Seamless Communication: Our commitment to clear and open communication ensures you're always in the loop. No more guesswork; just effortless collaboration.
  • Hands-On Expertise: We have actual hands-on experience with picking up vehicles from auctions, dealerships, and door to door customers. Trust our skilled team to handle every step of the process with precision.
  • Driver Tracking: Stay in control with real-time driver tracking. Know exactly where your inventory is always for complete peace of mind.
  • Join the ranks of satisfied dealers who've already partnered with us and enjoy hassle-free inventory management.
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Looking for a Dispatcher??

Worry about the road, while I work your load boards & all back office work!! We negotiate your load offers to get the most competitive rates for what you deserve.

Our services help drivers retain energy and remain safe on the road! Our back office services include auto dispatching, submitting invoices, map routing, and we can also boost your company ratings/reviews and more.

Dispatching Services
  • Calling the pickup location to confirm vehicle is ready and available pick-up hours.Confirm dispatched address is correct.Have a contact name for when you arrive.
  • Calling the drop off location to confirm the hours of drop off availability and if night drop is available if needed.
  • Uploading all transport orders to Super Dispatch with attached documents
  • If gate pass is needed, I will follow up with broker/dealer and attach it to the order in Super Dispatch

Back Office Support
  • Submit BOL and Completed Invoices to Broker/Dealer after vehicles have been delivered
  • Follow up with the payment status with Broker/Dealer for late paid invoices
  • If you have a breakdown, I can find the closest roadside assistance in the area to get to your location.
  • If you have a current membership with a Roadside Assistance Provider, I would call them on your behalf to provide your current location and initiate road service call.
Load Board Sign Up
  • Submitting all needed documents to the Broker/Shipper (Certificates of Insurance, ACH forms, blank company check, Shippers sign-on application, and anything additional needed)
  • Following up with the company for sign up
  • Creating accounts for all new load boards
Reviews and Ratings
  • Calling/Email all customers after deliveries is completed to see how the experience was.
  • If they are on Central Dispatch/Super Dispatch I will call/email the customer to let them know I will leave them a review and I will ask them to do the same.
  • Any customer that is not on Central I will ask them to leave a review for your company on Google. (If you don’t have a google business presence, I can set one up for you)
Insurance Renewal
  • Submit all docs that's needed for Insurance renewals on all load boards and companies that require it.
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